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FTIRealSpaceComputeS2 computes the expectation value of <math>S^2</math> for lattice models written in real space. A typical usage is

$PATHTODIAGHAM/build/FTI/src/Programs/FTI/FTIRealSpaceComputeS2 -i fermions_realspace_checkerboardlatticewithspin_n_12_ns_12_x_3_y_2_kx_2_ky_1_sz_0.0.vec

The output should look like

   intermediate Hilbert space dimension = 853776
   Hilbert space dimension = 142224
   memory requested for Hilbert space = 1Mo
   memory requested for lookup table = 6Mo
   fermions_realspace_checkerboardlatticewithspin_n_12_ns_12_x_3_y_2_kx_2_ky_1_sz_0.0.vec.ref :  < S^2 >=(2,1.49205e-16) < S >=1