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FQHESphereFermionsTruncatedSchmidtDecomposition takes a FQH ground state as an input, evaluates the reduced density matrix and forms a new state by keeping only a certain number of eigenvectors and produces a new state that consists only of a certain number of reduced-density-matrix eigenvectors generates the the pseudopotentials on the sphere for the Coulomb interaction. For example,

$PATHTODIAGHAM/build/FQHE/src/Programs/FQHEOnSphere/CoulombPseudopotentials -s 9-l 0

will generate the Coulomb pseudopotentials in the lowest Landau level for 9 flux quanta. The result is stored in pseudopotential_coulomb_l_0_2s_9.dat and looks like

   # pseudopotentials on the sphere for coulomb interaction
   # in the Landau level N=0 for 2S=9 flux quanta
   # Pseudopotentials = V_0 V_1 ...
   Pseudopotentials = 0.97624284500207 0.50131389337944 0.386727860607 0.33203907223833 0.29990625879591 0.27922306853413 0.26543427502627 0.25633367131108 0.25076120019562 0.2481076425216

the Landau level can be set through the -l option, 0 being the lowest Landau level. The number of flux quanta is set using the -s option. The files that are produced with CoulombPseudopotentials can be directly provided to programs such as QHEFermionsTwoBodyGeneric, QHEBosonsTwoBodyGeneric ...