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FTIGetDimension computes the dimensions of the Hilbert spaces that are involved in all codes related to fractional Chern insulators or fractional topological insulators. The typical usage is

$PATHTODIAGHAM/build/FTI/src/Programs/FTI/FTIGetDimension -p 8 -x 6 -y 4 --no-inversion

The output shall look like

   (kx=0,ky=0) : 30709
   (kx=0,ky=1) : 30624
   (kx=0,ky=2) : 30704
   (kx=0,ky=3) : 30624
   (kx=1,ky=0) : 30624
   (kx=1,ky=1) : 30624

FTIGetDimension computes the Hilbert space dimension in each momentum sector.

Several options allows to select the system properties

  • -s or --nbr-subbands sets the number of subbands (1,2 or 4)
  • -p sets the number of particles
  • -x, -y, -z, -t sets the number of sites in the x, y, z, and t directions
  • --3d and --4d allows to select a 3d or 4d lattice instead of a 2d lattice
  • --spin-conserved indicated that the spin is preserved in a 2d and two subband lattice model. In that case, the Hilbert space dimension is given per momentum and per Sz sector
  • --no-inversion computes the dimensions, disregarding the inversion symmetry.