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FQHETorusComputeKx allows convert any state to and from the <math>(k_x,k_y)</math>.

Convert from the <math>(k_x,k_y)</math> basis to the <math>(k_y)</math> basis

Assuming we want to convert the state fermions_torus_4body_hollowcore_n_9_2s_15_ratio_1.000000_kx_0_ky_12.0.vec, we just have to use

$PATHTODIAGHAM/build/FQHE/src/Programs/FQHEOnTorus/FQHETorusComputeKx -i fermions_torus_4body_hollowcore_n_9_2s_15_ratio_1.000000_kx_0_ky_12.0.vec --invert-real --invert --interaction-name readrezayi3

This will generate an output vector fermions_torus_kysym_readrezayi3_n_9_2s_15_ratio_1.000000_kx_0_ky_12.0.vec . Notice that the option --invert-real should be used only when the input vector is real (up to a global phase factor). This is true when <math>k_x=0,\pi</math> and the torus is rectangular.