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FQHESphereFermionsTruncatedScmidtDecomposition (for fermions) generates a state with its Schmidt decomposition truncated from a given fermionic state.

Basic usage

Let's say that we've generated the 1/3 Laughlin state using the Jack generator. We therefore have fermions_haldane_laughlin_n_11_2s_30_lz_0.0.vec and the description of the root configuration in laughlin_n_11_2s_30.dat

$PATHTODIAGHAM/build/FQHE/src/Programs/FQHEOnSphere/FQHESphereFermionsTruncatedSchmidtDecomposition fermions_haldane_laughlin_n_11_2s_30_lz_0.0.vec --haldane --reference-file laughlin_n_11_2s_30.dat --use-lapack -a 15 -c 13

This will compute the reduced density matrix for subsystem A with 15 (as specified by option -a) orbitals, throw away those eigenvectors with Schmidt number greater than exp(-13) (given by the option -c) for all possible values of the number of particles in A and z-angular momentum of A and return the vector with the truncated spectrum in


by default.