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FQHESphereFermionsParticleHoleSymmetrize computes the particle-hole conjugate state of a given fermionic state. Typical usage is

$PATHTODIAGHAM/build/FQHE/src/Programs/FQHEOnSphere/FQHESphereFermionsParticleHoleSymmetrize fermions_laughlin3_n_4_2s_9_lz_0.0.vec

This create the particle-hole conjugate state and save it under fermions_laughlin3_n_6_2s_9_lz_0.0.vec. The input vector has to be expressed in the normalized sphere basis. The default output file name replace fermions_ with fermions_holes and set the correct value for n. It can be changed using the -o option. Squeezed Hilbert space or Lz symmetric space can be set using the options --haldane, --reference-file, --symmetrized-basis or --load-hilbert.