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FQHESphereEntanglementSpectrum provides an easy way to parse the eigenvalues of the reduced density matrices produced by FQHESphereBosonEntanglementEntropy, FQHESphereFermionEntanglementEntropy, or

Basic usage

If you want to get the entanglement spectrum from the example bosons_haldane_gaffnian_n_14_2s_18_lz_0.0.full.ent that you have computed using FQHESphereBosonEntanglementEntropy, and look at the sector of 9 orbitals and 7 partilces, you just have to type

$PATHTODIAGHAM/build/FQHE/src/Programs/FQHEOnSphere/FQHESphereEntanglementSpectrum bosons_haldane_gaffnian_n_14_2s_18_lz_0.0.full.ent -n 7 -l 9

should do what this website do for you by looking at Na=7 la=9. Still this is not a plot that is produced but a column formated file bosons_haldane_gaffnian_n_14_2s_18_lz_0.0.la_9_na_7.entspec

To plot the data you can use gnuplot with the following script

   set xlabel "{L_z}^A" font "Helvetica,34"
   set ylabel "{/Symbols x}" font "Helvetica,34"
   set size 1.3, 1.1
   set xtics nomirror
   set ytics nomirror
   set yrange [:24]
   set mxtics 5
   show mxtics
   set mytics 5
   show mytics
   set terminal postscript color eps enhanced "Helvetica" 28
   set bars small
   set output "bosons_haldane_gaffnian_n_14_2s_18_lz_0.0.la_9_na_7.entspec.eps"
   plot "bosons_haldane_gaffnian_n_14_2s_18_lz_0.0.la_9_na_7.entspec" using 4:6:(0.35) notitle with xerrorbars lc 1 lt 1 lw 3 pt 0 ps 0