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FQHESphereBosonsWithSU4Spin is the analogue of FQHETorusBosonsWithSU4SpinTwoBodyGeneric for bosons having a SU(4) internal degree of freedom on the sphere geometry. It shares the options of both FQHETorusBosonsWithSU4SpinTwoBodyGeneric for the SU(4) options and FQHESphereFermionsWithSpin for the sphere geometry related options. The interaction file that describes the two body interaction is identical to the one used for FQHETorusBosonsWithSU4SpinTwoBodyGeneric.

A typical usage of FQHESphereBosonsWithSU4Spin can be exemplified by generating the generalized SU(4) Halperin state [2,1]. Creating an interaction file pseudopotentials_su4_21.dat containing a single line

   Pseudopotentials = 1.0

is enough to define the interaction that produces the exact interaction related to the generalized Halperin state [2,1], irrespective to the number of particles or flux quanta. The command line

$PATHTODIAGHAM/build/FQHE/src/Programs/FQHEOnSphere/FQHESphereBosonsWithSU4Spin -p 8 -l 8 --interaction-name halperin_21 --interaction-file pseudopotentials_su4_21.dat --use-lapack --nbr-n1 2 --nbr-n2 2 --nbr-n3 2 --nbr-n4 2 --memory 1000 -n 1 --show-itertime -S --processors 2 --eigenstate --nbr-lz 2

generates the ground state in the angular momentum sectors <math>L_z=0</math> and <math>L_z=1</math>. The energy spectrum bosons_sphere_su4_halperin_21_n_8_2s_8_sz_0_iz_0_pz_0.dat should look like

   # Lz E
   0 -5.3290705182008e-15
   1 0.96485914575916

As we can, the energy of the ground state in the <math>L_z=0</math> sector has expected for the model interaction of the generalized Halperin state [2,1], while the energy of the ground state in the <math>L_z=1</math> is non zero.