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FQHESphereBosonsWithSU3Spin is the analogue of FQHESphereBosonsWithSU4Spin for bosons having a SU(4) internal degree of freedom on the sphere geometry. It shares the options of FQHESphereBosonsWithSU4Spin except for the SU(3) specific options. Similar to FQHETorusBosonsWithSU3SpinTwoBodyGeneric, the SU(3) sectors are defined by the two quantum numbers <math>T_z</math> and <math>Y</math>, they are related to the number of particles per component <math>N_1, N_2</math> and <math>N_3</math> through the relation

<math>T_z=\frac{N_1-N_2}{2}</math> and <math>Y=\frac{N_1+N_2 -2 N_3}{3}</math>

The SU(3) sector can be set through the --total-tz and --total-y options (for <math>T_z</math> and <math>Y</math>) or through --nbr-n1, --nbr-n2, --nbr-n3 (for <math>N_1, N_2</math> and <math>N_3</math> ). Unless the sum of the values given by --nbr-n1, --nbr-n2, --nbr-n3 matches the total number of particles, --total-tz and --total-y are used by default.

The interaction file that describes the two body interaction is identical to the one used for FQHETorusBosonsWithSU3SpinTwoBodyGeneric.