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Download DiagHam:

You can get DiagHam using one of these serveral ways:
  • Click here to get the latest nightly build (each nightly build has been tested on a dual PIII computer using Linux).

  • You can use the Subversion repository. To get the latest version, open a terminal and type the following command line:
    svn checkout https://www.nick-ux.org/diagham/svn/trunk DiagHam
    If you already have done a svn checkout, just type svn update in the directory that contains your copy of DiagHam to retrieve the updated version.

  • You can also access the Subversion repository through a web interface and grab the latest version.

Due to the limited amount of time we have to maintain this web site, we have decided not to provide any version tagged as stable. In principle, development version of DiagHam shall work. If you have any problem to compile DiagHam or if you want to be sure that one of the program works correctly in the current release, please contact us